・P5,500 (お二人様) 三人目からお一人増える毎にP2,000
・シュノーケリング道具 送迎付き
・(Entrance Fee P100〜300別途)

●まるっと体験ダイビング お一人様歓迎!!
・体験ダイブ(1本)機材込み P2,500
Non Boat diving    送迎付き

・オープンウォーター2日間 教材・登録料・機材込み P15,600
・アドバンス    2日間 教材・登録料・機材込み P15,600
・0〜アドバンス迄 4日間 教材・登録料・機材込み P30,000

(Funダイブ(2本)機材込み 送迎付き)
・Non Boat P2,500
・オランゴ P3,000  (Entrance Fee P100別途)
・ヒルトガン P4,000 (Entrance Fee P300別途)
・ナルスアン P5,000 (Entrance Fee P300別途)





●まるっとセブ タクシーチャーター
三人目からお一人P2,500 最大6名 4人で行けばお一人P3,500!!
総行程400km 14時間の欲張りレンタカーツアーです。訪問先の変更や時間配分も自由なレンタカーとドライバーのサービスです。
・オスロブ ジンベイザメ
・セブ市内 旧市街周辺観光

・クルーザーで行くサンセットクルーズ(Dream of Cebu提携)
  お一人P2,700 毎日出航
・クルーザーで行くアイランドホッピング(Dream of Cebu提携)
  お一人P4,050 毎日出航 オランゴ島周辺

オスロブ ジンベイザメツアー

1 P 6,000 Swimming with the whale sharks
P 200 per pax for Local Guest
P 500 per pax for Foreign Guest
Inclusive use of Mask and SnorkelNote: With or without own snorkeling gear will still have to pay add on fee.
Whale shark watching (from the boat) vs snorkeling with whale sharks have different ticket fees and only whale shark watching (from the boat) is included in the package.
Without Lunch (message us)
Less P250 per person
2 P 3,800 / pax
3 P 3,250 / pax
4 P 2,650 / pax


1 P6,500 Less
Php 1,000 per person - without Canyoneering (go to Kawasan Falls directly) for 2 persons and above
Php 800 - without canyoneering if only 1 person only in the groupPossible Add ons in Kawasan Falls- Bamboo Raft for P300 (excluding compulsory tip for the locals who will pull/push the raft)
- Picnic Shed for P300Tour Duration - 12 hours
2 P3,900 / pax
3 P3,400 / pax
4 P3,100 / pax


  Non guide With Tour guide  
1 P5,700 P6,500 4:30am – Pick up 
06:00am – Depart Cebu
08:00am – Arrival Tagbilaran Wharf

  • Chocolate Hills- Famous landmark of Bohol
  • Tarsier Viewing in Captivity
  • Bohol Biggest Python in Captivity
  • EcoTourism Adventure Park (Zipline & Cable Car)
  • Billar Mahogany Man Made Forest

11:30am – Loboc River Cruise w/ lunch on board

  • Blood Compact Shrine
  • Tour to Baclayon Church- Oldest Church
  • St. Peter’s Ruins Church
  • The Butterfly Garden
  • Souvenir Shopping if time permits

03:30pm – Back to Tagbilaran Wharf for Check in
04:20pm – Depart Tagbilaran for Cebu
06:20pm – Estimated time of Arrival in Cebu

* Itinerary might change without prior notice due to unavailability of ferry tickets.

2 P3,900 / pax P4,300 / pax
3 P3,500 / pax P3,800 / pax
4 P3,200 / pax P3,400 / pax

Water Sports Activities

5 in 1 Water sports 3 in 1 Water sports
2pax    : P6,800 / pax 2-5pax : P3,200 / pax
3-5pax : P6,500 / pax  
  • Pick-up and drop-off
  • Lunch (rice, pork & chicken barbecue, grilled squid, fish and shrimps, crab, assorted fruits)
  • Snorkeling Set
  • Island entrance fees
  • Towel
  • Free shower at the dock
  • Ocean Activities
    • Parasailing
    • Jet Ski Ride
    • Banana Boat
    • Snorkeling by the reefs of Hilutungan and Sulpa Island
    • Island Picnic at Nalusuan Island
  • Government taxes and service charge (except online payment service charge)
  • FREE pick-up and drop-off 
  • Entrance fees
  • Gears
  • Activity Highlights
    • Parasailing (15mins)
    • Jet Ski Ride (15 mins)
    • Banana Boat ( (15 mins))
  • Government taxes and service charge (except online payment service charge)
8:00 am – Pick-up 
9:00 am – Arrive at dock; briefing
9:15 am –  Parasailing flight commences (15 mins./ 2 pax)
9:45 am – Jet ski tours commences (15 mins./ pax)
10:15 am –  Banana Boat ride (15 mins./ 8 pax)
11:00 am – Outrigger boat departs for island
12:00 pm – Arrival at the island for lunch, snorkelling, swimming and fish feeding
2:00 pm – Snorkel by the reefs ( Hilutungan and Sulpa islands)
4:00 pm – Back at the dock
5:00 pm – Back at the guesthouse by shuttle
Recommended pick up in Mactan area is 9am